EAS RFID Display

              RF Label Hard Tag Bottle Tag Ink Tag Detacher Am Label Deactivtor Eas System Safer Pin Lanyard Alarm Tag UHF Inlay HF Inlay RFID UHF label RFID HF Label RFID Tag Cell phone Production Camera Production Tablet Production Display Hook

              Solution for Eas

                EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)--A security system for preventing theft in retail stores that uses disposable RF /AM label or reusable RF/AM hard tags attached to the merchandise. An alarm is triggered when walking through detection antenna gate at the store exit if a disposable tag was not deactivated or a reusable tag was not removed at the checkout counter.

              Solution for RFID

                RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is basically the non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag, which serves the purpose of object identification. The application of RFID widely covers animal chip, access control, parking system, automation of produciton line, material management, etc.

              Security Display

              Security display--Automatic alarm system for retail store (of Mobile, tablet, PC and their accessories) is to prevent thief from high value display products and get owner’s attention. In addition to the display and security requirements the device is charged allowing the customer to interact with a fully functioning model. To prevent thief from stealing things is better than catch thief.

              company profile

              Zhejiang Epowsens Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer that specialized in EAS soft labels, hard tags, detacher and other security products in Zhejiang Province of China. Our company is large with five lines, full set of testing equipments, hundreds of employees and annual production quantity is about 600,000,000 pieces.

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              Euroshop Trade Fair

              Our company(EPOWSENS) will attend “Euroshop Trade Fair” in Germany from March 5 to March 9, 2017. Welcome t...

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              How EAS Systems Working?

              How Anti-shoplifting Devices Work? How EAS devices can detect security tags and security labels? The most eff...

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